Saturday, November 11, 2006

This is my life

I had a dream the other night that involved, among other things, putting the babies down for a nap and coming back to find them as toddlers running around. A few nights later I dreamed I was nursing one of them, except it (she?) was talking to me.* Do you think my subconscious thinks things are moving fast or something? :)

We have crossed the three month mark. MissM and B-Boy are blossoming, growing, changing. They are developing personalities, exploring, taking in the world. I put them on their fabulous floor quilts (made by a dear internet friend and greatly loved) and they kick and squirm and grin at me, at J, at the ceiling fan, at their favorite wall (black frames on a light wall - it’s captivated them from the very beginning). They are (slowly) learning to nap in their crib. They’re starting to notice each other. It’s beginning to seem real, like this is actually my life.

So, if this is my life, here are my latest questions:

Am I now a mommyblogger? And if I am, what does that mean to me?

Any tips on blankies or lovies? The kids seem to really like to grip fabric, but the blankets I initially offered are too big/heavy for them to maneuver (plus seem like too much to let them have when they're sleeping, ever). I know I can’t force them to pick a particular thing, but it would be good if the thing I offered had some potential, right?

Why does my MIL manage to find ways to be helpful when visiting more easily than my own mom does? How improbable.

How do the babies manage to sometimes sleep on totally different cycles, and other times wake up at exactly the same second?

Any advice for traveling with 4 month old twins? We’re heading cross country for Thanksgiving (though thankfully [ha!] flying outside of the major travel times. But still. If we’re not successful with the pumping/bottle routine by then, what do we do during takeoff and landing, since I can’t tandem nurse on the plane (and given that we bought seats for the kiddos, it seems like I shouldn’t be holding anyone during takeoff and landing anyway. So, if not bottles of pumped milk, what? Pacifiers? Bottles of water? Chamomile tea? (We’ll do formula if absolutely necessary, but the problem here isn’t the feeding so much as the sucking. Though given the seating configuration, and the fact that I can’t easily sit with both babies, feeding might be an issue at some point, too.)

*Also, I could see the milk as she sucked, like through a clear tube. I think my breast looked rather like a Podee.