Thursday, February 22, 2007

Wherein I use the word “sucks” a lot

This is a big ol’ woe-is-me post. Be warned.

I have a couple of great posts in the pipeline, just waiting for me to get it together to post them. So why am I not posting them now? Because during their morning nap, M and B granted me enough time to pee and change my pants (but not my shirt). Yeah, naps are sucking more and more. I think (partially channelling Moxie) that we’re at a developmental spurt (there’s one at 29 weeks, right?) plus they have a cold, plus maybe teething? All together and it sucks. Not that naps have been great, well, ever. But now even nighttimes suck. Talk about a sleep regression. I think I was up more than I was down last night - all with M. She’s sick. And won’t sleep except if I nurse her. Which is the one sleep habit we’ve been trying to break, at least for naps and such. (I still nurse her most times she wakes at night - or lately, every time since I have no energy for anything else.) Plus J is back to working like a normal person (instead of working part time from home) and yesterday worked from 8am to about 4, then had to cover for someone in the evening. So I did the dinner/bath/bedtime thing alone for the first time. And it took forever to get M to settle. And again a few hours later. And several times overnight. Did I mention this sucks?

So those other fabulous posts? They’ll have to wait until I have time to change my shirt. (I’m not even getting my hopes up for a shower, though J would probably appreciate a less-smelly wife.)