Saturday, September 17, 2005

Five reasons why I hate having to wait for IVF

5. Far-away pregnant friend (not to be confused with NPF) is due in October. She’s younger and they’ve only been married for a couple of years, and they thought they might have trouble conceiving - it took them four whole months! We’d already been trying for a year when we heard that she was pregnant, and now she’s going to have the baby. I’d hoped to be further along with things before she delivered. I guess this is further, just not as far as I’d hoped.

4. An extra month of dodging well meaning but frustrating questions about our timetable or whether we have any news.

3. Watching fellow bloggers start their cycles. Not that I’m not happy for them and excited and lucky to be able to learn from their experiences, but it’s hard to avoid stressing thinking about our upcoming cycle.

2. More time to worry and anticipate.

1. I’m terrible at waiting.

To be fair, I’ll try to come up with...

Five reasons why the wait is a good thing

5. Time to get my papers written. At least in theory. Don’t ask how that’s going.

4. More time to come up with snappy retorts to people’s boneheaded comments and ridiculous assvice.

3. Gives me time to figure out the vibe at the new job before I start having unavoidable last minute scheduling problems. (My schedule is actually really flexible, but I have a lot of meetings, only some of which I can reschedule.)

2. Gives me time to contemplate switching to Typepad so I can use the “categories” feature.

1. Maybe I’ll be able to relax and get pregnant naturally.


  1. Oh, sweetie. The waiting is tough. And it sucks to be approaching one of those crazy deadlines we set for ourselves. The past few days I've been obsessed with the fact that the evil pregnant former best friend's due date in November will be right around ER/ET time for me. Great.

  2. I'm with you on 1, 2, and 3. My only good thing in waiting is the whole not dying thing.

    P.S. I love categories. I'm on moveable type and Dave wrote a plugin that I can have posts in multiple categories.

  3. Yup that waiting thing is awful. Nothing to keep you going. If any of us could stop obsessing, it might be a good thing, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Good luck with your papers!

  4. Yes waiting absolutely sucks. I've been waiting for 7 years. Lets hope the waiting goes by fast for us both!!

  5. Waiting sucks so much. I'm terrible at it, too. I hope time goes by faster than you expect.

  6. Completely understand. I couldn't wait to start but I scheduled some writing and other jobs I needed to finish before the ivf started and it kinda crept up on me. Now that we're on it, the days have slowed right down.

  7. Yeah, it's not easy, makes you feel like life is passing you by. My solution, watch lots of movies, great time burgler.

  8. Hi Cass,

    Just wanted to say hello & let you know I was thinking of you. Hope everything is going well w. the papers. Looking forward to a new post from you soon-ish :)