Sunday, October 15, 2006


I was planning to write a fun and exciting post about the babies and how fantastic they are and how we went to a pumpkin patch today and took cute pictures (well, I managed to squeeze that in, at least) but instead I’m busy researching my funky breastmilk and trying to decide if on top of everything else I’m going to scald the milk to neutralize the excess lipase, or if I’m just going to cave and use formula when someone else needs to feed the babies. And thinking that this might be the real reason that my kids are completely disinterested in bottles - maybe it’s not the method of delivery, but the contents. Having tasted the milk, I can safely say EEEUUCHHH.

I have a whole series of posts brewing, but since the only time I think of what I want to write is in my 5 minutes of shower time every-other-day-if-I’m-lucky, well, the list is all I can come up with right now. So, here are the things I’d write about, if I had the time*:

- my relationship with my post-partum body
- breastfeeding
- being the primary parent
- things people say to us about our twins
- meeting other moms
- the latest happenings at playgroup (the quick version: I just found out how many of the moms are newlyweds who got pregnant within a few months of getting married. It’s a lot. Ugh.)
- sleep routines
- hiring a nanny/babysitter

* I might one day have enough time to write (or just to scratch my ass in peace) if that last item works out. So far, no luck, but we’re interviewing someone tomorrow. The initial plan is that this person will work side by side with one of us, but will eventually be a solo-caregiver. Because aside from the lack of ass scratching, I could use some sleep, and a pair of pants that fit, and shoes. It’s normal that my feet are a different size now, right?


  1. Good to see you around again! I hope the help thing works out.

    As for funky milk, I had the same issue (no wonder why A screamed so much when I left him with my parents!), but I think that by freezing it immediately after pumping, that helps. Good luck finding a solution!

  2. Pout. You're choosing the babies over us. ;-)

    Good luck solving the milk issue.

  3. My feet are a different size now too! It sucks, none of my closed toe shoes fit, so here I am in autumn-y Atlanta wearing flip-flops, 'cause they're all that fit.

    My hands seem to be a different size too. I still am nowhere near able to fit my engagement ring & wedding band. I'm thinking there's gonna be some resizing in my future, but I'm holding off on the odd chance that my hands will miraculously shrink.

    Hope things are going well!

  4. Heh, I'd been wondering about the ring thing too, Claudia. I'm within 10 lbs of pre-pregnancy weight (yay nursing twins), but the rings aren't even close to fitting. Feet are still the same size, though...