Friday, April 27, 2007


I miss blogging. I’m having a hard time channeling the brilliant miscellaneous thoughts I have when I can’t write them down (bathtime, driving, nursing) into actual, coherent posts, or even finding time to edit the things I have managed to jot down. And so I don’t post. And I miss it. The blogging community in various guises has been a community to me - the place where some friends meet and hang out and share advice and joys and sorrows and mundane nothings. So I’m trying to find my way back. If blogging is a conversation, I guess sometimes things aren’t going to come out the way I’d intended, or as smoothly, or whatever. But trying to get it just right seems to keep me from speaking up at all, and then I’m just sitting on the sidelines listening in. And that’s no fun.


A bit of housekeeping: I “upgraded” to the new blogger, but I haven’t had time to mess with it to get it back the way I’d like it. Case in point - I no longer have a blogroll. It was out of date anyway, but I’m not sure how best to get it back. I currently read blogs through Bloglines, and I figure there must be a way to export my bloglines and just use it as a blogroll. Anyone? And how hard is it to add things to the sidebars? I think I’d like to add one of those “what we’re reading/listening to” lists, but given how little time I can find to write a crappy post, I don’t know how I’m going to make that happen.


  1. I found it much easier to add sidebars in the new blogger. You don't have to do the html yourself, there are little widgety things that you can use, and then you can physically move things around in a template.

    I haven't finished it yet, but I'm thinking of trying this for our what we're reading list, because my current one is hard to manage and keep up to date:

  2. Not a whit of advice on the technical side as I'm woefully behind and haven't even looked at my template in, like, two years, but I am all for you blogging more Be it full of typos, imperfectly constructed sentences and incomplete thoughts or otherwise, your voice is always a pleasure to read, so keep it coming!

  3. :-) the new blogger takes all the hard out of blogging. You'll set this up in no time and be back in the blogging writers seat.

    When you are, Stacey (Twinkies) and I are going to start a round robin on the twinny questions, would you like to join in the fun?


  4. Just keep going! I'm here reading ;-)

  5. Cass we're happy to read everything you get the chance to write. Don't worry about polishing. If you figure out how to import your blogroll let me know, I'd love to update mine!

  6. Bloglines is great. :-)
    And yes, you can use it to have a blogroll on your blog. That's what I have.

    There's an explanation here, and an html code generator.

    You then have to incorporate that html code in your template through Blogger.
    There is info on the blogger help site.