Monday, May 07, 2007

Yes, I know it’s not Friday anymore

The answer to the question “How good are your babies at self-entertainment?” is apparently - not good enough for me to sneak away to write a blog post.

They can play with each other without much intervention for a bit, but I can’t get too far away. When I do, it’s to the kitchen to get something to eat (which I haven’t done today) or to the computer to catch up on email or blogging. I have a laptop and wireless internet, but the babies often find my computer a particularly compelling toy, so I’ve had to stop bringing in to their play area.


  1. Ah...tell me about it. Computers are the BEST toys as far as toddlers are concerned.

  2. Wait till they find the off button!

  3. Thanks m'darlin! It was almost a wash :-)

    I will get my stuff together and send the topic out earlier this week (it has been a long week-end so forgive me). Also I have a gland infection which I am taking care of this afternoon... but I will be in touch!