Friday, July 27, 2007

Hooray for small victories

I successfully made wheat-free, egg-free cupcakes for the babies to try at their party tomorrow. Not that they'll know the effort, or the difference. But stil, yay!

(Longer post, ruminating on the passing of a whole year of their lives to come, but for now I have a party to make happen, and cupcakes to frost. My ruminating will have to happen later.)


  1. We'll be sending you good vibes today, party sister!

  2. Wow - a year!! I hope the party is a blast and that the babies are enjoying their cupcakes!

  3. You rock. I am impressed with that level of baking skill.

  4. Happy birthday to your little ones!

  5. happy birthday little ones! I can't believe it's been a year. I hope that doesn't mean that our birthday is coming soon, too!

    Just curious -- why wheat free? Do they have known allergies? Didn't try it yet? Or another reason for avoiding it?

    Hope the cake and the party were a huge success.

  6. Hi cass good to be back here! And congrats on a huge year. Hope the twins have a wondrful birthday and I hope you get some time to drink a toast to YOURSELF and the birth day that you worked so hard to achieve.

    (PS I don't really understand krumping either. Some dance thing.)

  7. Hope that you survived the party and that you're been frolicking with the newly aged toddlers. Looking for to the ruminations :-)