Thursday, November 01, 2007


Surveying the mess on the floor under the highchairs, which is getting worse as the kiddos try spoon feeding themselves. Tonight they had "popeye pasta" (pasta in a creamy spinach sauce - I'm trying to work in the veggies more) which left a sticky green mess.

Me: I wish I had a little hand mop. There must be such a thing.
Him: It’s called a sponge, dear.


  1. Bwhahaha. We're dealing with this, too. I'm thinking of putting the high chairs on some sort of mat, it's getting so bad.

  2. Yuck. I hate the nightly crawl under the high chairs. We don't have an eat in kitchen, so we're all in the dining room, with a rug. There's a special rug under the high chairs, but they manage to throw things beyond it. I feel like there's always a cheerio or piece of banana under foot. Though popeye pasta sounds worse under foot!

  3. I love my dog. Sure, she barks and wakes up the kids from their naps sometimes and I want to kick her to the curb without so much as a good luck wave, but she does lick up every last bit of dropped food from under the table. I know, that means my floor is coated in dog spit. But the thing is, I can't see dog spit, so it's not a problem.

  4. If you really want a small mop, try what Wal-Mart calls a "deck mop," or a small children's mop or a large BBQ mop. I think ME spoon feeding them is messy enough! Thanks for the heads up regarding what to expect in the future...The dogs can only do so much clean-up...