Sunday, June 22, 2008


If while conducting a search for a summer nanny for your toddler twins, you discover (through the first link on a simple Google search that even your grandmother could have done) that one prospective candidate has been featured on a website featuring shots of sorority girls on display for frat boys to oogle, but said candidate would otherwise be a potential match, do you:

a) ignore the soft-porn, and interview anyway
b) politely inform the student that she might want to rethink such ventures in the future
c) eat a pint of ice cream and bemoan your post-twin flab (and really, your pre-twin flab, too)
d) browse the past archives of the site to see if she's featured in her undies, in a faux-lesbian encounter, or just in a bikini on the beach (all of which seem to be frequent settings).

While I was never the sorority type (I went to a school that didn't officially have any, though really we did), lots of woman are in sororities, and apparently some of them submit pictures of themselves in various stages of undress (apparently, pictures of sorority girls peeing are a hot thing - who knew?). So am I just insecure because she's a college student with a hot body and I'm, well, not? (For comparison, our last fabulous sitter was a college student with a nice very-round body. Which is, of course, not why we hired her.) Why is this bugging me?

And what is this post going to do to my google search results?


  1. I'm totally with you. I have a tendency to look up potential babysitters in facebook, to see how they present themselves. To me, it says something about them. Maybe I can't take their private life into account when considering their ability to care for my children... but why take any risks? I'd like someone who was as nerdy as me in college!

  2. OMG- that never occurred to me to google a babysitter. Ex-boyfriend yeah, but not a babysitter. Are you sure its her?

    I dunno, I think that would make me question their judgment on a daily basis. Got any other prospects?

  3. I would go ahead and interview her, and maybe question the pics and see how she reacts.

    Then again, one of my friends uses several university students as sitters, and has decided that as long as she likes and trusts them generally, she's happier staying away from their MySpace pages.

  4. You know that I will now spend a solid half-hour of time--time more valuable than rubies!--googling our nannies.

    Gah. It never even crossed my mind to check.

    Oh, and I would say this about Bikini Girl: highly likely to call in sick when desperately hung over from twelve or fourteen body shots.

  5. Ha ha! I think a lot of really nice girls are truly, deeply stupid about posting porny photos of themselves. Like, they think they just look "pretty and sexy" when actually they look trashy.

  6. It would make me question her judgement. I mean, we all did stupid things in college, but then, i probably wouldn't have hired myself in college either... those were flaky times :)