Friday, August 26, 2005

More fun search terms

Apparently I’m a budding Miss Manners over here:
    ettiquitte for teens
    breakup ettiquitte

    I think it’s because I misspelled ettiquette in a post, so when people also misspell it in their search, they get results from other people who can’t spell (like me, apparently). Have I mentioned that I’ve developed some bizarre version of adult-onset typing-dyslexia? It’s very odd

Then there’s the “you found me HOW??” category:
    lying and saying your pregnant and your not

    This time it’s not about my typos. Which is good, because that leaves me with the possibilities - were they looking for instructions? Ways to get back at someone after this?

And of course, the really bizarre:
    I want to buy tea cups dog

    I can’t even imagine what they were going for here. Tea cups for a dog, maybe? Do dogs drink tea? I am so confused. It makes up for that last one, though.


  1. Ha, that is really funny. You figure the first one, ok. But tea cup dogs? Maybe it's a new fertility herb.

    Have you gotten any teen girls asking you if they are pg? I have seen a number of those in others comments - esp Julia (a little pg). THAT's gotta be fun.

  2. I think the tea cup one is probably in reference to those pocket rats that people like Paris Hilton have. I think it's like tea cup-sized chihuahuas and poodles. I've googled it and found this:

    I think it's depressing. That, and the person who did the search leading to your blog can't express themselves coherently in English.

    My favourite search recently has been "bestiality in West Sussex". I'm rather concerned this led to me.