Wednesday, February 22, 2006

E. coli in my snatch

So, apparently I’m harboring a huge colony of e.coli in my snatch (or at least someplace in my urinary tract). They ran the urine culture three different times to be sure it wasn’t just contamination (because apparently if you don’t, um, clean yourself properly before peeing all over your hands in a cup, then the results can be flawed). But the nurse who gave me the most recent results chuckled at the notion that it was contamination, so even though my doctor is out of town, I’m being placed on good old fashioned antibiotics. They’ve reassured me that this is totally safe for the babies, so off I go to fill the prescription. In theory this will make me feel better, though since I had no symptoms I knew of, I don’t know if I’ll really feel the difference. I mean, sure, I had the whole frequent urination thing, but I kind of attributed that to, you know, the pregnancy.

In other news, we’ve been venturing out into the world of normal people, just a bit. We took our first trip to the baby superstore, where J actually had the energy and the focus to look at cribs and strollers and pack-n-plays and swings and the whole nine yards. I’ve been collecting ideas of what I might want for the abstract case of actually getting that far for a couple of years now, so it was nice to look at stuff with some semblance of actual purchasing possibility. Except that I was insanely jealous of all the normal people who had a much bigger selection of, well, everything, because they don’t need to fit two cribs into one room, or two kids into one stroller, or two carseats into one car. (I know some of that isn’t actually true, since there were a fair number of people clearly working on baby #2, perfectly spaced about 2 years behind the first.)

I also went to my first prenatal yoga class, which was full of the cutest pregnant women ever. We went around the room at the beginning with name, how far along, and one thing we’re looking forward to after the baby, and all of these 24-32 weeks and looking smaller than me women were a little nauseating. I know part of it is that I wasn’t remotely skinny to begin with, plus I’m short so I just look round all over, especially when I’m sitting crosslegged on the floor, but c’mon. It was still a nice class, though. Short, but both a little bit of a stretch and at the same time relaxing.


I’m working on a longer and more thoughtful post about telling and who gets to know what and who thinks to ask. Basically, the number of people who just think this is super cool and peachy keen and are totally not clued in either to the possibility that it was a long road to get here or that it might be a long road from this point forward. It’s just really weird. But more on that later.


  1. I literally just walked into work after my Microbiology exam, click the little Bloglines icon, and what do I get? A blog entry that sounds just like the exam questions.

    I can tell you that your cell counts must have been higher than 10,000 bugs/mL as that's the cutoff for a UTI and that you probably had some Gram-positives in there, hence the thinking that it was contaminated.

    Be careful with those antibiotics- they can really wipe out your normal gut flora and wreck havoc with your digestive habits. Eat a lot of yogurt, that'll help!

  2. Yikes. So glad you're knocking this thing out before you have symptoms. If you've never had a uti before, they're pure evil once they get going.

  3. Ugh, I hope the antibiotics kill this thing off. Very exciting to be even viewing potential car seats!

  4. Cass, several antibiotics are definitely safe in pg. I myself am on amoxycillan. Just be aware that it GREATLY encourages yeast infections, so take TONS of acidophilous (the "thing" in yogurt) - not yogurt (it does't have the dose you need). You can't od on it, it's safe in pg and can get it in any health food store.

  5. When you figure out who to tell and how much, could you come over here and do the same for me?

  6. I think I need to nominate you for best post header ever!