Friday, January 05, 2007

Project Sleep Part 2: Sleep dreams

The other night, as I lay in bed contemplating how long it would take for my left boob to explode, I tried to draft an ode to my new best friend, the cr@ni0sacral therap1st.* We took MissM to a CST - we’ll call her Dr. Fingers - that day in the hopes of working on her reflux and gas and sleep issues, and Dr. Fingers spent much of the time working on M’s suck. And making her cry a lot. And we paid a lot of money for it and we’re going back in 2 weeks. So that night I nursed them to sleep as usual around 7, and then they each got placed in their cribs around 7:30 (B in a minicrib in our room, and M in a crib in the nursery) and then at 2ish B-Boy woke up to nurse (he’d been fussing earlier - he’s learning to roll over and it seems to wake him) and then I woke M up to nurse so I didn’t explode. How amazing is that? Of course the next night we were back to her fussing as soon as we put her down and me holding her for the next hour. But I’m hoping that’s due to the lousy naps they got so I can continue to compose love letters to Dr. Fingers.

So yeah, the naps still suck. If we catch his sleep window, we can put B in his crib awake and he’ll settle himself and sleep (we’re up to 40 minutes of sleep sometimes, though still often just 30). The other day M drifted off in a bouncy chair after about an hour of being clearly sleepy. Yesterday’s first nap was fine, if still too brief, for B, and nonexistent for M. The problem, I think, is that with her health stuff it’s been a long time since she’s gone down in a crib sleepy but awake. Or fussed and then settled. And we haven’t really pushed the issue, because it generally seems like her fussing is discomfort, not just fussiness. So I’m hoping as we get the last of her physical stuff under control that we’ll be able to help her learn to sleep in her crib. (Not quite sure HOW yet, but this is the hope.)

And in other news, I think we’re starting runny mushy goo solids this weekend.

*I’m afraid my mom is going to search on this topic, so unfortunately for people looking for info on CST and babies, I’m not going to pop up in their searches (unless they know to call it CST, hrmm). In general I try to leave in the searchable key words and phrases since that’s how I found some of the most useful help when going through fertility stuff, and how I found many of the bloggers I now consider friends. But this time I can’t risk it. Which is funny, because we’re at the point where it would mostly be okay for my mom to read. But then there are the archives, and I’m just not sure I want to go there. In fact, I may already have said too much.


  1. Interesting about the CST - my best friend thinks we should explore going to one for our twins. Catherine has reflux and since breastfeeding has not been going well, should thought it could help with that as well. I'd love to hear more about your experiences as I hadn't heard of CST before.

  2. Thanks for the updates. I'm enjoying reading your sleep updates as we struggle with the same things with 4 mo. old twins. I think one of our biggest problems is that we are so tired at night that we don't make wise choices, we just do whatever we can to get those kiddos asleep! Keep up the updates, hopefully we can all learn from each other as so few books really talk about twins and sleep.