Monday, January 21, 2008

Things that make me go "awwwww"

M woke up from her nap today in a good mood. Sometimes she wakes up crying. Today she started talking: "Ma Ma Ma Ma" and when I went to get her, she said "Hi!"


We have regular nursing spots - in the nursery and in the living room. Today, when B wanted to nurse (less than an hour after the last time, and right as we were trying to get dinner on the table...) he pulled me over to the couch and pulled down the pillows I use to get comfy - one to sit on and one for my back. And then he patted the pillow, as if to say "sit here!"


  1. So sweet! I love our (very rare) happy post-nap wake ups. And when S wants to nurse, she starts pointing to where I usually sit on the couch to nurse her. End of the world if I accidentally sit there at a random moment, everyone wants to nurse immediately!

  2. "Awwwww" is right! So, so sweet.

    And have I mentioned how inspiring it is that you've managed to nurse twins for a year and a half?


  3. Awwww.

    I have a pillow that I lean against the wall when I nurse and now when he asks to nurse I tell J to "go et up the pillow for me" and he runs over and makes sure it is all set to go, even dragging it off the couch and over to our spot if necessary.