Friday, January 04, 2008

This thing we do, here

Mommyblogging, or whatever it is I do now, is hard. When I was writing about infertility, it seemed more like a story, with at least some semblance of a beginning, a middle, and an end. I didn't start writing until the middle, but I backed up to tell the beginning, and clearly I ended up with a happy ending. But writing about mothering, or within mothering, somehow seems harder. Maybe in the beginning of a story you don't yet recognize it as a story and so you can't really think about it as such until at least the middle, if not the end? Or maybe day to day life is a series of small stories, not a big one. Or maybe I'm so caught up in the tremendous importance of the story, and in feeling like I have the power to control it (as delusional as that may be) that I can't even start. Whatever it is, I've been blogging a lot less than I'd like. I feel like either I need to give it up or I need to give it more. So I'm going to try more.

I've also been teetering on the edge of a rather unpleasant fog of depression, which probably has something to do with my inability to focus, or to put words to paper (er, fingers to keyboard?). And at the moment, we're all sick, which doesn't help matters. But there's more to it than just that, I think. I'm just not sure what.


Sweet moments of baby sickness:

Sadly, neither kid really knows how to blow their noses. (When do they learn that, anyway? It's tremendously useful.) But, after watching me snuffle and snort into tissues, B can now pretend to blow his nose - he'll hold the tissue to his nose, then make a snuffly nose-blowing sound with his mouth. Weird, but bizarrely cute.


  1. Mine just take the Kleenex and put it on their head.

    Glad to hear you'll be blogging more.

  2. It IS hard, both the putting fingers to keyboard and the day to day of it. For me at least, increased child care was the ticket out of the fog. That and time.

    Oh, and at four, the Boy is just now learning to blow his nose, but still not well enough to make much difference.

  3. Look forward to hearing more from you.

    Mine clearly don't get the nose blowing, but now at least when I go to wipe, they hold their head up, whereas they used to fuss and rub their face until snot was everywhere.

    Hope you are all healthy soon.

  4. I think that mommyblogging is hard, too. I've had trouble finding my tone. It seems that I'm complaining all the time, but that's not really how it is. I'm glad that you're going to write more!

  5. I started blogging after IF, which I;ve always regretted. It would have been so helpful. On the other hand, it's the experience of motherhood that has been my real muse. Keep at it -there's an awful lot of rich material. What's your parenting philosophy, and how has it evolved? What do you struggle with? What do you observe about your particular children? What do you hope for them? How do you feel about the world they're growing up in? I've written some posts over the last couple of years that have been scary to write (about IVF ethics, TV, etc.), but I've always been glad that I could muster just enough bravery to have an opinion or two. Not that what other people want should be all that important, but I always like blogs that share a bit of regular daily life, and also a bit of the writer's inner life.
    As for the Kleenex - mine finally got it at about 2.5, and did the same pretend thing yours is doing for a year or more first. They also just FINALLY learned to rinse and spit toothpaste. I thought that day would never come... They're also trying to wipe each other's bottoms after pooping, which is not a milestone I invited or encouraged!

  6. My brother, who is now 23, didn't really grasp the concept of nose-blowing until he was about 18, no joke. He couldn't work it out, and no, he's not special. Well, not really...

    I hope yours sort it out sooner than that.

  7. I agree that this motherhood thing is hard to write about. Maybe it's just been the holidays but I haven't had anything to say lately.

    I always like reading your stuff so I look forward to more. :)

    That kleenex thing is super cute.

  8. Mine pretends to blow her nose, too. And what's so handy is that she can wipe her nose. When it's runny, I put a bib on her, and just tell her when to wipe her nose and she DOES, using the bib. It's AWESOME.

    And, yeah. I've sort of moved away from All Baby All the Time posts as she's gotten older. But it's still the main topic.