Monday, November 03, 2008

Be warned, students!

I just came across this on a syllabus for an undergraduate class. Freaking awesome.

I will prepare a challenging pop quiz for every single lecture of the fall quarter. Incorrect responses to these quizzes will deduct points from your overall course grade. I will only administer the quiz, however, if a cell phone, Blackberry, laptop, or any other electronic device rings, vibrates, or otherwise disturbs the class during lecture. This caveat also holds true for those of you with uncontrollable email, text messaging, and FaceBook addictions. If you and your classmates cannot discipline your use of electronic peripherals for less than three hours a week, then you should be prepared to take pop quizzes on a regular basis.


  1. Too funny.

    I have read stories from parents in school that make me think that a too-strict cell-phone policy might not be family-friendly, though.

  2. My cell phone went off the first day of class last semester, twice. It was my mom. It was on vibrate, but I was using it as my clock so it vibrated across the desk, much to my embarrassment. After that I kept score the rest of the semester, me against students, and I'm happy to say the final score was in the range of 2 to 17.