Wednesday, November 05, 2008

This is not what I mean by new reproductive technologies

I'm not quite ready to talk politics yet, so I'll give you this - from the New York Times - instead:
Fertility help has gone mobile. BabyCenter, a parenting Web site, said it would introduce on Thursday the Booty Caller, a series of 18 ovulation alerts sent via text message. Sample message: “Your fertile window opens today and lasts 5 more days. Heat kills sperm so keep your mate away from the hot tub.” The service is free at


  1. Ew!

    I'm scared that this is yet another thing that fertile folk will bring up to us if we say we're having trouble conceiving--"well, didn't you try the Booty Call?" EW!

  2. Ughhh, I got that in a press release.

    And the name?? Bleh.