Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Facebook Etiquette

Okay. I'm over it. Thanks for lending a virtual ear to my sniveling. Today is marginally better, and so I'm just moving on from the angst-ridden to the trivial...

Etiquette Question

If you get a friend request on Facebook from someone you don't immediately recognize, do you:

a) Send them a message asking how you know them
b) Google, baby, G-O-O-G-L-E
c) Reread your high school journal for a reminder
d) Ignore the request indefinitely

Does it change things if you think you might have hooked up with them once, briefly?


  1. I pretty much ignore, but then I don't find FB particularly compelling.

  2. I usually try to figure out who they are based on their fb interests and any mutual friends... and this totally made me laugh because I had a very similar experience. I did once ask someone how we knew each other but then it turned out she was my second cousin and I felt like an idiot so I stopped asking others.

  3. I do the really mature thing - I ignore the friend request completely. I don't decline it, I just let it sit there and fester.

    I'm nice like that.

  4. I just accept them. I assume they usually are blog readers, but even if they aren't, I don't really care who sees my page. I'm not on there a whole lot though.