Monday, January 05, 2009

various and sundry

I have a bunch of muckity muck floating around in my head - the typical 2.5 year old twin chaos, sleep suckage, behavior (theirs and mine) and much more - but it's been a while, and I don't want to launch right in to the suckfest as if that's all there is. So instead, I bring you the following:

  • Both kids, but especially M, sometimes say they don't like Daddy because he has a beard. And they like me because I don't. Sometimes they LIKE the beard, though.
  • Also, the thing over his lip is called a "mus-lip"
  • M calls bicycles "bike-a-cils"
  • M has started asking questions, with a slight up-lilt at the end
Back to school today after two weeks of vacation, including a trip to snowed-in Seattle, a dearth of naps, and a mouse in the house. I've never been so excited for a vacation to end.


  1. Hey chica--good to see you back on the old blog. The kids sound as adorable as ever.

    (Also, Andrew doesn't like it when Steve doesn't shave, calling him "scratchy." I encourage this behavior. :))

  2. Aw come on, I wanted to hear about suckfest to commiserate my own suckfest over here.

  3. No worries, Jenn, the suckfest is coming.

  4. Nice to see you again. And I totally hear you on the back to school -- by this past weekend, we were counting the minutes until back to work/daycare... when people on Monday were complaining about back to work, I totally didn't get it!

  5. She speaks!

    P says every single day (not an exaggeration): "Dad doesn't have any hair." She then proceeds to call him a "baldy lala". So frank, these little 2 1/2 year olds, oy...