Monday, November 21, 2005

Stims Day 12: Green light

Lining: 11mm
R: 20x20, 22x18, 16x16, and a bunch more that Dr. Smiles (hmm, maybe) didn’t measure
L: 17x15 and a bunch more

After what feels like forever, we’ve been given the green light. Circles have been drawn on my ass for the trigger shot tonight. Retrieval will be Wednesday (pending today’s bloodwork, of course). My body is looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow, and having one precious needle-free day. My left ovary was being shy, as usual. I asked if they were going to have trouble getting to it at retrieval and Dr. Jokester (nah, doesn’t have the right ring) said they’d charge extra. But then Nurse Sweetie admitted I’d probably feel the effects of the digging. Yeah, I figured.

Also, I have a cold. Dr. NoDrugs (just for this) doesn’t want me to take anything - not zinc, not Benadryl, not Sudafed, nothing. Oh, except Tylenol. And fluids. And rest. As I expected. It’s just a mild cold, but it’s the final straw in how crappy I feel. I spent the entire day yesterday lying on the couch, drinking liquids and napping, but I have to go to work today, since I’ll be out for a week after this.

Nurse Bruiser was incredibly perky and positive when she heard I was triggering. “Aren’t you excited?” she asked. I had to think about it for a minute - probably a minute too long. I guess I’m excited to be moving forward with this whole process, but I’m scared of the physical aspects of retrieval, and scared that my eggs are crap, and scared that J’s sperm will have a bad day, and just scared all around. I’ve heard that excitement and fear are two aspects of the same emotion, and if that’s true then sure, I’m excited.

Strap me in - the next phase of the roller coaster is beginning. Please keep all hands, arms, and syringes inside the vehicle at all times.


  1. Whoa, we got here fast all of a sudden! Stay calm and I recommend steaming your head with menthol vapours. It probably helps your ovaries too!

  2. That was a big jump from your previous entry! I'm so excited for you to have made it to this point. And those numbers sound good to me!

    Take care of yourself, Cass!

  3. Hey retrieval buddy...

    I'm nervous for those exact same reasons. Best of luck to you and I hope everything goes fabulously.

  4. Woo hoo for the green light! Good luck with trigger tonight, and I sure hope your cold gets better soon.

  5. Vicks Vaporub is my savior.

    Good luck! I'm a about a week behind you, hopefully I'll get my green light soon too.

  6. Good luck with everything and I hope your cold gets better.

  7. My blood started being hard to take when I took an extra iron supplement - you're not on anything like that, are you?

    Glad things seem to be shaping up in there, those follicles sound good. Thinking of you.

  8. Wow! How exciting...I hope the physical aspects of retrieval aren't too taxing and that your eggs and J's contribution coordinate beautifully. Good luck!

  9. YEah, I could see being leery of the whole thing...I mean, wow, what a lot to go through. Hope the retrieval is not so painful and very successful.

  10. Wheeeee! Trigger time!

    Just want to say a few words of utter assvice about retrieval: if it's anything like mine, that part is a piece of cake. If it's anything like my first cycle, where my right ovary had wandered off into the nether reaches of my lower abdominal area, the recovery will be long and painful but bearable. If it's anything like my second cycle, recovery will be a breeze. Oh, and peeing might hurt. A lot.

    Imagining those eggs being fabulous and wishing you all the luck in the world, sweet friend.

  11. Sounds great, hope retrieval goes smoothly and they get bunches of nice, mature eggs. Enjoy your shot-free day, and I'll be thinking of you.

  12. Good luck. I hope the retrieval goes well. You'll be in my thoughts.