Thursday, November 17, 2005

Stims Day 8: On the rise

My E2 has finally gotten with the program - it was up to 66 yesterday, and 159 today. I still have no idea what it’s supposed to be, but I know it’s supposed to be going up steadily - and it is - so I’ll just be happy with that for now. And this all almost makes up for the fact that I’ve suddenly become a hard stick - it took a couple of tries, a juice break, a heat pack, and a more skillful nurse to get blood today. Apparently I only have one vein in each arm - the right was bruised from a bad stick a couple of days ago, and the left was feeling okay but apparently felt the need to stage a revolt (and then I got dizzy and nauseated like I used to when I got blood drawn before it all became so commonplace).

I say all of this like it’s my body’s fault, but really I feel entirely comfortable blaming Nurse Bruiser, who gave me that first bruise a couple of days ago, and then tried and couldn’t get blood today. I have now reached the point in this process where I will demand that only certain nurses be allowed near me with needles - Nurse Bruiser is very nice, and she did a fine job of writing down Dr. StillHasNoNickname’s notes on my follicles (he’s still only measuring one on each side - at about 10mm each - though there are others that are a bit smaller that he’s not measuring), but she’s absolutely not going to do my bloodwork again. Nurse Fantastico, who finally succeeded (with little trouble, once I had some juice and felt better, and after she warmed me up because I was so cold my veins were constricted), can poke me whenever she wants - I’ll wait for her to be available, no matter how long it takes. And while I’m introducing (and naming) all the nurses, there’s also Nurse Coordinator (well, that’s what she is!) - she’s organized, and skilled, and businesslike - who is probably the only other I’d allow to stick me at this point, and Nurse Sweetie, who is very good at phone contact, and calling my meds in to the pharmacy, and answering questions. As long as they each get to do the thing they’re best at, it will all work out.

Did I mention that there’s something living in our attic crawl space? I know I wanted to hear the pitter patter of little feet, but this is not what I had in mind.


  1. I bet its squirrels... in the attic, not causing your veins to be uncooperative. Although squirrels are mean little boogers...


  2. There's no question that some nurses/techs draw blood with more finesse than others. Sometimes I feel the stick the entire time it's in, while others I don't feel a thing. Sometimes I leave with a giant bruise, others only the teeny tiniest mark. I've never had a Nurse Bruiser, though (well maybe for IVs, but not for a simple blood draw). I think you're right to deny her access to your veins. She had her 2nd chance and blew it!

    Glad that your numbers are looking better. I hope things continue to go in the right direction.

  3. Yuck--when I had my GTT they were TRAINING a new nurse on me...dreadful, I tell you.
    SO glad your E2 is rising steadily!

  4. Glad to hear the numbers are going up just as they should. Can they use a butterfly next time for drawing blood? Sooooo much easier on the veins (I've got bad ones and hate for a good vein to get blown early on).

  5. Good to hear numbers are increasing, hope they go a little faster for you. I'm having daily bloodtests so I feel your pain. I have a good vein on the left but after several days I'm wondering if it's worth tommorrow getting them to poke around on the right.

  6. Yep, they ALWAYS use a butterfly. I think it was just a bad run of luck - first the bruising, then the overuse of the other vein, then the combination. But the past couple of days have been okay again, so maybe we're back on track.