Monday, December 05, 2005

7dp5dt: Miscellany and distraction

So, I was crampy yesterday. And a bit nauseous. Though that might be from pondering the crampiness. And trying to decide what brand of HPTs to buy (FRED, I suspect, but since I won’t let myself buy them yet I’m keeping busy by exploring my options). Did I meantion the crampy nausea? Beta’s not until Friday (16 dp retrieval!) so I have a long way yet to go. And no, I’m not going to wait that long to do an HPT.


On an entirely different, and totally trivial, subject, I said I’d review all the flavors of Ga.torade I tried. Here are the reviews so far: Lemonade was pretty good. Tasted about like how all fake lemonades taste. Not too sweet. Pretty drinkable. Watermelon Ice? Blech. Not sure why I finished it. (Oh yeah. Because I was on bedrest and J wasn’t around to bring me another flavor. Bah.) Orange/Tropical blend? Eh. Not bad. I’d drink it again, but wouldn’t seek it out. I think I’m not all that into orange. The big winner, though, was the Fruit Punch. First of all, it wasn’t claiming to be something it’s not (e.g. an actual fruit flavor), plus there’s that whole childhood fruit punch thing that made it seem rather pleasant. Especially since I pretty much wasn’t allowed to drink fruit punch as a kid. So that’s my new flavor - now I have two to mix and match. (I also tried another of the Frost flavors - the turquoise one. It wasn’t bad, either, though I still prefer the purple.) Only I have to drink it right out of the bottle - something about pouring icy blue liquid into a glass is just weird - it looks like anti-freeze or something. I am a big fan of the sport bottles though. Very satisfying. And the fruit punch looks okay in a glass (though I still prefer to drink from the bottle). But now I’m a little bit addicted, especially to fruit punch. In fact, yesterday I bought it in the gallon-size bottle, which might last me a couple of days.


One more random point: I’ve always liked Australia in concept. I’ve never been, so I don’t know firsthand, but this seems like yet another reason to like ‘em. Basically, there’s a proposal that’s been put forth to add ART and IVF to the topics covered in school-based sex ed classes, since it’s an issue that has a wide impact. Their point is that there will likely be students in the classes conceived through the use of reproductive technologies (not that the students will themselves be in need of the technologies) but still - demystifying IVF and bringing it out in the open? Sounds good to me.


  1. Oh Cass, I am SO hoping this worked for you. 16 days post retrieval is ridiculous, I couldn't wait that long to test either.
    That Australia link is SO interesting--I wonder if that is the first program of its kind? I think it is a marvelous idea.
    Anyway, good luck, good luck, good luck--I have everything crossed for you.

  2. I was just wondering when we'd get an update from you. I'd started to suspect you'd squirrelled yourself away somewhere with some HPTs.

    I think the FREDs are best if you're testing early (say, before Wednesday) but they really aren't good for comparisson day to day. The lines are inconsistent and take forever to get really dark. So I would recommend getting a pack of FREDs along with something else that detects around 50 units. I used Clearblue Easy, but only because that was the only other test they had in stock at Target. Use a cup, dip in the FRED, if there's a positive, dip in the less sensitive test too so that you'll have something to compare the next day's test to.

    Not that I've put any thought into this or anything...

    So... you're not telling us when you're going to test on purpose, right?

  3. I've never had the chance to get wound up about HPTs as I usually bleed before I get the chance to use them - so little advice here other than Lindy and Amanda's points about using different types makes sense to me - after Suz kept getting negatives, then got a positive beta, i've always wondered about how accurate these things really are.

    Good luck!