Tuesday, February 22, 2005

no more midnights

Note to self: While perhaps you were able to craft coherent arguments (and indeed, whole papers) at 2am while in college, this is no longer your most productive time. Please try to remember this before blogging in the wee hours of the morning. Thank you.

In other mundane news, it’s CD 82, and by crossing my eyes and hopping on one foot, I got FF to give me a tentative cover line. Lest you cheer, know that to get the coverline I had to let it count my temps from the traveling-funeral-jetlag days that were abnormally low and under particularly stressful circumstances. I’ll probably go back to discarding those temps before the first visit with the new clinic, lest they otherwise miss how totally fucked up my body is.

I’m excited, but not too excited, about this upcoming appointment. It’ll be nice to finally be taking the next steps, but my three month hiatus was supposed to be this magical time when the acupucture and herbs were going to make my body miraculously normal, or at least more normal. Not only have I no period, but even on the acupuncturist’s special (but ill explained) diet, I haven’t lost any weight. I had told people (mostly myself) that the point of the diet was to get my body healthier, not to lose weight. But, of course, it would be healthy for me to lose weight.

So now I’m thinking about nixing the acupuncturist (or finding a new one, but more on that another time) and her herbs and modifying the diet to one that may more likely cause me to lose some weight. I’ve heard people (including Cecily) are trying the Fat Flush Plan, so maybe I’ll try that. Plus, I should find a way to exercise more.

I walk this fine line - I’d like my body to be in better shape to sustain a pregnancy. So, I should incorporate more exercise. But, I don’t want to do anything too strenuous that will be contraindicated in pregnancy (or active TTC). So, I was going to a yoga class once a week, which was gentle, but probably not enough to count as my exercise for the week. I think about joining Curves on and off, but tend to skip it both because I’m not sure it would be the right plan for me, and because in my fantasy world I’d just have to stop soon. My latest thought is that I’ll join the Y - yoga classes and NIA (which I think I might like) and a pool - and prenatal fitness classes too, should I ever get that far. J has been talking about getting an exercise bike, so he could get some exercise in while watching TV. Given how much TV we watch, I guess this isn’t a bad idea. It just seems so 80s.

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