Friday, February 04, 2005

spam spam spam

Two items caught by my spam folder today:

1. did they turn you down because you don't...
2. Have children? Should have a big house!

Um. Well. Okay.

If you're looking for a laugh along these lines, check out Spamusement - cartoons based on spam subject lines.

I also have an offer of a "Phd for sale" which you know would be so much easier than actually finishing my grad program. Now if they just had one that said "Your application for a baby has been approved" I might open it.


  1. Too funny. the "Phd for sale" line reminds me, in a very roundabout way, of my old workplace (biotech). My boss and I, two of the few non-scientists in the place, referred to the "Elmer Ph(u)D" complex, i.e. the extra bit of nearsighted, irrational ire most of the newly-minted PhD researchers gave us when we were trying to load their software, fix their hardware, upgrade them to unfamiliar systems, etc. As though the title had given them license to be pompous jerks and question everything everyone else knew or did, even the ones that were technologically impaired. We weren't exactly Wascally Wabbits (and my moniker is not in reference to the sainted Bunny), but it was kinda satisfying to laugh at the pattern over and over and over.

    OK, enough on the off-topic rant. Hoping this cycle comes to a close for you one day very soon!


  2. Today's email contained "Can you let me know what you wish for" - um, okay - see above!