Sunday, March 06, 2005

notes from a bookstore

Yesterday was J's first day off in I don't know how long - definitely since before our trip East for the funeral. So, it was a low key day - he slept in, watched some TV, had a very late breakfast. And then later we went to Borders and stayed for nearly 7 (yes, SEVEN) hours. He read two books, I browsed through a couple and then got through a chunk of grading. It was really nice.

A couple of observations:

1. They've moved the section of infertility books from their old, obnoxious spot next to pregnancy and baby name books to the Women's Health section (near other health issues and far far away from baby books). This was one of my biggest problems with that bookstore (and most others) and I'm glad to see that the letters other infertiles wrote (or the vibes we sent?) got those books moved to a much less depressing location. Score one for the infertile army.

2. The spot J found to sit and read (after an hour or two sitting on the floor in the travel book section) was next to the pregnancy books. It was mostly quiet until a giddy couple (who probably had just peed on a stick this week) showed up to look at “Pregnancy for Dummies” or whatever (really, that should be AND whatever - they took 8 or 10 books to browse through, but didn’t seem to pick one to buy). It was so sweet and naiive. And almost harder to watch than the parade of pregnant bellies looking at baby name books. And how jealous am I? Oh, very. I want to be that excited and blissfully unaware. I don’t begrudge them their happiness, and I hope nothing happens to disrupt that bliss, but I am SO JEALOUS.


  1. mean they don't keep the baby books in the Fiction section after all?

  2. I was in a BN three weeks ago and you know that there really IS a Pregnancy for Dummies. Couldn't believe it. Just the sort of people we want reproducing. GAH.