Monday, March 21, 2005

Pathetic optimism

I spent a bunch of time last night researching on PubMed last night - looking for information about soy and phytoestrogens (or oestrogens from some of the international journals!) and, separately, about Clomid and this new amino acid my acupuncturist said has been shown to increase the effectiveness of Clomid in PCOS women. And I found the article she had mentioned.

I had been growing dissatisfied with my acupuncturist, mostly due to the total lack of visible results, but also due to a less-than-perfect vibe. But this new information (and the fact that she is actually out there gathering information) has warmed me to her again. So the new acupuncturist will have to wait while I stick with this (hee!) for a while.

We’re off to an appointment with the new RE today. I am strangely optimistic -- because the evil HMO has made me jump through so many hoops, actually seeing the doctor seems like a monumental occurance. Actually, this is really pathetic.

But still, I’m trying to be optimistic about this - a new doctor, a new clinic, a new cycle, a new amino acid. The bubble hasn’t burst yet.

(I’m sure I’m just setting myself up for a crash, though. But maybe if I say that it will soften the fall when it inevitably comes.)


  1. No crash!! I'm glad that things seem to be coming together and you're headed off on what looks to be a good path. Crossing my fingers!!!

  2. Can you send a link to the article?? Please??

  3. VHM - I have the article in pdf form and can email it if you'd like, but will also publish the info (probably tomorrow) if you want to track it down yourself. I think you may need a subscription to get to the PubMed database, which is where I got it. If you want me to email it, just send me a note or let me know here.