Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Finally a fun search term

I've only just started to get hits from people's random web searches - so far, it's been a couple of hits looking for information on Peggy Orenstein and infertility. But today I discovered this search for the "definition of assvice" - and look at the company I'm keeping! (Top results are Olivia Drab, me, Tertia and Julie - I stopped after that, but there are more, of course. Not meaning to leave anyone out or anything.) Dude, I feel like I'm sitting at the grown-ups table or something.

I especially like the smartypants suggestion from the search engine: "Did you mean 'definition of advice'?"


  1. Congrats! Maybe, one day, I'll be at the big people's table too.


  2. It occurs to me now that this may have come across as ridiculously self-cogratulatory, or nyah-nyah-nyah, and this was totally not the intention. So, big apologies if it reads that way. Really.

  3. Definitely doesn't sound self-congratulatory, but that is some very nice company to keep in the ole search department!


  4. No apologies needed! It's exciting stuff and you have every right to think its cool...gosh that sounded so 80's didn't it? heehee...

  5. Wait until you see how pathetic some of the searches are that come out of nowhere! I had one once that was "why does my life suck so bad and I failed that math test".....I was number one on that poor souls gets to be entertaining.

    I hope you are well.

  6. Whoohoo! Scanning the results, I see I made page 3 of 8! There she is.... Ms. Aaassssvice....