Sunday, March 12, 2006

In which I ramble about planning and preparation

(mostly pregnancy related, and probably pretty boring, so be warned)

Thank you all so so much for the words of encouragement (especially from Suz - OMG she had time to read AND post? Maybe this is do-able after all!) I have started to take some action to quell the freak-out. I’ve got the contact info for one of the local Moms of Multiples groups - they have a meeting on Monday and I’m trying to get up the courage to go. I’m not usually shy, exactly, but I don’t like walking blindly into new situations with no idea of what to expect. It makes me nervous. So now I’m trying to bring myself to email them so I’ve made contact before the meeting. Does anyone know if Dads of Multiples are generally welcome at these things? Because I think he’d like to come.

Also, though they’re not on the blogroll over there --> yet, I’ve started reading a few moms of multiples blogs. So far, most of them are useful and encouraging and inspiring, which I think I really needed. If you know of any (or are one) please let me know so I can add them to the list. Please?

Other action-taking: I’m working on following Moxie’s advice and starting to line up plans and support. It turns out that I am much less interested in the details of a birth-plan than I ever thought I’d be (mostly because it feels like a bit of a waste of energy - it’s all well and good to say that I’d like the baby placed on my tummy or that I’d like J to be the one to cut the cord, but I’m pretty sure that none of that will really be an option. I mean, I guess it’s always possible, but it just seems so irrelevant in the grand scheme of things now.) However, I’ve been thinking that I might like to have an AFTER-birth plan (not for the afterbirth - ewww - but for after all of that). I don’t know if this is silly or practical or what, and I feel like I’m way ahead of myself with it. But I want to breastfeed, even if the babies are early and in the NICU, and I think that means I need to work on that in advance. For now, I think it means researching the LC options at the hospital where I’ll be, and elsewhere in the area.

I’ve also been deep into the list-making. My mom has offered to come down for a couple of days to help do stuff around the house, and then a couple of weeks later my in-laws will be here for much the same purpose. So we’re trying to think through the things that need to be done that they can help with. I think J and his brother and father will be working on condensing our various storage areas to make room for the things that need to be moved out of the, um, spare bedroom so it can become the, um, nursery. My mother, bless her little disorganized heart, also wants to help - so I’m trying to figure out what she can do (given that organizing and sorting and cleaning really aren’t her strongest attributes). I think maybe we’ll work on the craft room, which is also a storage room, so that when my FIL finds things that belong in there, I’ll have someplace to put them. So that’s a whole heck of a lot of organizing.

There’s more, but I think I’ll spare you all the details. Let’s just say that I’m channeling all of my anxiety into planning and organizing and hoping that will help a bit.


  1. Planning/organizing/obsessing has always been an excellent antidote to feeling anxious and overwhelmed for me. We're on much the same timeline - currently working on condensing our storage, soon to be clearing out rooms and then on to the fun/terrifying part.

  2. It seems like everytime I come over I end up acting like a "joiner" and chiming in "me too." But that's exactly where I'm at. So far I'm pretty happy with the storing, rearranging idea. An idea for your more maternally inclined help; are you happy with the kitchen cupboard layout? High efficiency work triangles might be nice. Or, since you sound like the quite the crafter, picking out scrapbook paper and froofies?

    Can we have a clean out the room countdown support group?

  3. I certainly hope the dads of multiples would be welcome since they play a big role afterall. I hope you find it reassuring and helpful.

  4. Glad to hear you are feeling better about it and making plans. Good luck with the nursery!

  5. I think the "after birth plan" is an excellent idea, and much more controllable than the birth plan where you never know what is going to happen and its best to just go with the flow. Its great you're thinking about these things now,as it will make it less stressful the first days after delivery. I'm impressed by your foresight :-)


  6. How bad is it that I'm still doing the exact same thing as you at 26 weeks? I got this burst of planning & reorganizing energy at about 20 weeks and then I... don't know what happened. :) I think whatever else we do is going to have to happen in a hurry.

    I've also been starting to read moms of multiples a bit. Linda at Indigo Girl has a list, if you don't already know about it...