Monday, June 19, 2006

Feel my snatch

There was a news story from a few days ago, featuring a local acupuncturist who specializes in fertility treatments (J actually sees a guy in the same practice, so we TiVo’ed it). The story itself was mediocre at best (highlights included their report that an insemination or IVF could cost $15,000 per procedure, an interview with an RE from one of the lesser-rated clinics in the area, and an interview with a woman who got pregnant on her 3rd IVF after finally incorporating acupuncuture - complete with fuzzy ultrasound pictures), but the teaser at the beginning of the news show was all about how stress reduction must have a lot to do with getting pregnant, and how you always hear about those people who give up trying and go to adopt and then, of course, get pregnant, and so it must be stress related. Yes, because the obnoxious second-rate hosts of the 4:00 news show are such fertility experts. Riiight.

My peri is out of town this week (squeezing in a vacation before it’s July and all hands on deck at the teaching hospital) so I saw another peri in the group. Dr. NotMyDoc was fine, though much quicker and less sociable than my regular peri (which you’d think would explain why my peri is always running like an hour late, except so was NotMyDoc, so who knows?). Anyway, he did a cursory u/s of the babies, listened to their hearts, attempted to oblige my request for a picture (we got one of their two heads together, but otherwise they seem to have passed the point of pretty pictures), and quickly answered my questions: yes, the weird patch on my belly is stretch marks that have coalesced; yes, it’s normal for one foot to be more swollen than the other; no, my lingering cough is not a cause for concern, since he was sick last week with a virus and there’s just something going around. What he didn’t do was a cervical check (despite my standard waist-down disrobing). Apparently, NotMyDoc thinks it’s unnecessary at this point - I’m almost 32 weeks and if I go into labor then I just do. Or something. That part was a little bit freaky, since I’m certainly not feeling ready to have these babies and would like them to stay put for another month. And then he was gone.

Oh, and someone found my blog by searching for feel my snatch - where I am currently the top result. I’m just so proud.


  1. Glad to hear the babes are good (and you). Any chance you'd consider sharing that u/s pic?

    Oh, and the snatch thing? Hi-larious.

  2. Sorry, but I lost my faith with acupuncture. Who but a fertile would dare whisper "relax" to an infertile? I guess I could if I had had an RE willing to give me a valium script through one of my cycles. Sheesh.

  3. We haven't had a decent ultrasound picture since February. I'm getting my last cervical check next week at 32 weeks.

  4. So glad to hear all is well with you and the babies!
    I'm so tired of all those "news reports" that essentially say the same thing and are long on "just relax" crap but short on anything actually meaningful and relevant. Grr...

  5. So far along already?! Time flies.

  6. Wow on the whole "feel my snatch" thing. That's impressive.

    Good luck with the PUPP rash...I hope it gets to be bearable soon. You're holding up so well in spite of it all.