Thursday, June 29, 2006

What we know now

  • I am 33w2d (as of Thursday).
  • The itchy belly responds somewhat well to the new meds, and to the new air conditioner we put in the bedroom window.
  • When asked about the visit they had me reschedule for my 37th week, Dr. Academic (or whatever his nickname is these days) agreed that he didn’t think it would really be an issue.
  • I am going to have these babies in the next 3+ weeks.
  • A little bit of ice cream does not fuck up my blood sugars.
  • I don’t think I’m really diabetic after all.
  • I am going to have these babies in the next 3+ weeks.
  • Tomorrow is my last official day of work, so I’m making a brief appearance in the office.
  • Tomorrow is also my first non-stress test.
  • The bands on the monitors have to stretch across my itchy belly - thank goodness for the new meds and air conditioning, hopefully.
  • My mother thinks we’re unprepared for the babies.
  • My in-laws are coming for three days this weekend to help with the preparations.
  • I am working on ways to mostly ignore them, lest they spike my blood pressure and force the babies out early.
  • I am fighting to make it to 34 weeks.
  • The babies are nestled with their heads together, and a foot in between.
  • Babies are mighty flexible.
  • Their heads are together, and nowhere near my cervix.
  • I am going to have these babies, probably by c-section, in the next 3 weeks.
  • We are unprepared.

Friday update:

  • One of the babies has flipped back to head down.
  • I don’t see how that was possible, given how snug things are in there.
  • That same baby is very hard to get on a monitor.
  • Non-stress testing is rather stressful when a squirmy baby refuses to stay on a monitor.
  • Hopefully I get to do this several more times anyway.


  1. congrats on the 33 weeks - Its a good idea to just take one milestone at a time - Look to far forward in the future and you will drive yourself crazy - spoken from someone who has just done that :) Hope the itching goes away soon! Oh yeah I also hear you on the scratchy bands for the stress test and squimry babies that make that test a nightmare!

  2. If you are having yours in about 3 weeks, that means about 4 for me. Yipes! I had two NSTs last week and those straps drove me nuts. Good luck!

  3. Whoo hoo! Congrats on the 33, nearly 34 weeks sweetie. Tell those babies to behave and keep cooking a little while longer.

  4. 33 weeks is great! Good for you.

    Uh, nothing really prepares you for twins, so I wouldnt get too worried about what isnt done yet. I was way over-prepared and didnt need half the crap we got. Diapers, wipes, bibs and formula were our only needs the first few months. And sleep. So unless the inlaws are bringing that, I would just let them do their thing and sleep and relax.

    What I really needed was for someone to clean my house and cook for me the first few weeks so I could just concentrate on feeding (nursing, pumping, supplementing, we did it all). The rest all falls into place. And even thought nothing prepares you for twins, you will amaze yourslef at what you can do when they arrive. It is multi-tasking to its highest art form.

  5. I had a horrible case of PUPPPs (still dealing with itchiness 3 weeks postpartum). I found that cool showers followed by Sarna lotion (non-steroid anti-itch cream) helped the most. And I also sometimes used Calamine lotion.

    Hang in there. I went through similar issues with my pregnancy (preterm labor and short cervical length). Bed rest appears to have worked for me so take it easy.