Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Progress Report

I’m still doing the laying-around bedrest thing, and I’m tired and achy and all that, but things are on the upswing in other ways, which is good.

1. My mom came to visit this weekend, and we organized the closet in the nursery, so now there are drawers with stuff in them, and places for more stuff. It’s not a lot, but it makes me feel just a bit more prepared.

2. We registered. Finally. Which was an adventure in itself - J pushed me around BRU in a wheelchair as we tried to do everything all at once. If I could have, I think I’d have done it in two shifts, just to break up the experience, but I felt like this was really my only chance. We also took a trip to Target, where I used an electric cart instead of a wheelchair. We weren’t able to register in the store, since the system was down (which was incredibly frustrating) but we looked at some of the things we still needed to discuss, and did a bit of shopping (a robe, slippers, some super-pads -- and baby tylenol, mylicon, and, um, baby wipes) and then I started the registry online.

3. We interviewed a pediatrician. And liked her. A lot. She’s an infertility veteran (PCOS, failed IVF, got pregnant on Glucophage), and she’s kind and compassionate, and comfortable with the level of research we’d done before asking her questions. And even though the office is part of the Evil HMO, it’s in a new facility with bright, spacious waiting areas (room for the double stroller, even) and a lactation clinic (with a LC who specializes in twins and preemies, apparently, and who is said - by the pediatrician, at least - to be fantastic). So that’s a relief.

4. There’s a plan for painting the nursery. It’s not painted yet, but there’s a plan.

So, things are happening. Progress, if you will. And the fact that as of yesterday my cervix was still long and closed and earning much praise from the peri (no hand gestures this time, but he was mighty pleased with me and my cervix) and the babies were transverse (meaning no one is putting too much pressure on my cervix) led me to think, for the first time, that I might actually carry to 36 or 37 weeks. Maybe.

Growth scan on Friday, so we’ll see how things are shaping up at that point.


  1. Wow you got a lot done! Glad your cervix is long and closed. Can't wait to hear about the growth scan, my next one is a week from today.

  2. I'm glad the babies are holding. I haven't checked your blog in ages... I'm so glad I did.

    One suggestion on things to register for, one of the vibrating bouncy seats and a swing. Those two items have saved my sanity with our newborn son. Someone else told me about a vibrating pad that you can put in their crib. I haven't found one yet, but I might have to track one down to help our sleep issue! Continued luck on your pregnancy!

  3. Great news! Glad you are making progress - I know how that feels. And the cervix is behaving. Hope all continues to go well.

  4. Phew I'm glad to hear that the babies are still happily cooking away, and that you're not going insane with boredom.

  5. You, and your lovely cervix, are troopers!