Saturday, June 04, 2005

Dispatch from Wedding-ville, Part 1

People never act the way you think they’re going to. So far, there’s been little conversation about kids - even with the pregnant friend. I suppose there’s still time, but so far it’s been okay. She is showing, but not yet wearing maternity clothes (at least not today - who knows what she’ll wear to the wedding tomorrow).

On the other hand, I broached the subject with another friend (with whom we’re staying) and got the “Well, you’ve got lots of time still” response. My rational brain realizes that this probably has something to do with whatever she’s thought about her own fertility - as far as I know they’re not trying, and she’s a year older than me. So I assume that she’s thinking about how she has plenty of time, and therefore that must be reassuring (at least to her). Of course, as you all know, that didn’t help my emotional self at all. But at least she didn’t suggest that we just relax.

In other news, I called for the results of my progesterone test yesterday, and they came back at 13-point-something. (I didn’t have a pen and we were wandering around the city at the time.) The nurse sounded kinda pissed at me for having the test done at all, since she had told me it wasn’t necessary. But on the cycle before, when I actually got to see Dr. L, she gave me enough lab slips for three cycles worth of progesterone testing, so I figured I should just do it. They don’t seem particularly concerned about this number, since it’s over 10. No mention of the fact that it’s lower than it was last cycle. (Or the fact that it’s lower than the suggested “ideal range” on a medicated cycle as listed over at FertilityPlus. J calmed me down a bit yesterday, but now I’m back to being jut a little bit worried, since the clinic seems to have no interest in progesterone supplementation. And they can’t communicate with me or with each other. Which is just wrong.

Sometime when I’m feeling less raw I’ll talk more about the weird friend situation. But for now I think I’m going to curl up with a book and take a break from being social.

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  1. Sometimes, even when you have excellent numbers, it doesn't mean shit.

    It can be such a great idea to just curl up sometimes.

    I hope you are comfortable and cozy.

    Happy curling.