Thursday, June 02, 2005

Hope and Possibility

I got a 10 minute quickie massage from this woman who sets up at Whole Foods, and when she asked if I had any medical conditions she should know about, I whispered, "There's a possibility I'm pregnant." Somehow it’s easier to say to a stranger I’ll probably never see again, but it was still pretty momentous. And now Hope is sitting on my shoulder and playing with my hair.

I haven’t yet decided what to do about telling the pregnant friend. You all raised some good points, especially in regard to the potentially emotional nature of pregnant women, plus when I wrote a draft of the email it sounded terrible. So now I’m working on what I would want to say to her in person, if I feel it’s necessary at the time. I’m a little scared that I’ll have a bit of a breakdown, or alternately that there won’t be any privacy and it will make things harder. But I’m still leaning towards this option. Plus, with Hope (and all of you) on my cheering squad I’m feeling pretty strong.

Will you all fit in my purse to come with me for moral support?


  1. Am working on the shrinking ray right now! Hope that it all goes smoothly and that your pg friend isn't a goober.

  2. I am so hoping for you this cycle.

    I also will be thinking of you this weekend. Hopefully, she will surprise you with her "coolness".

    Take care.