Friday, June 17, 2005

Mall People

I went to the mall tonight, alone. If I'd been with a friend, we would have laughed together over the weird people that were also at the mall. But since I was alone, I had to wait until I got home to share it with you, almost like you were there. Only if you’d been there, then I wouldn’t have been that person wandering around alone at the mall. But I digress...

1. The woman walking toward the movie theatre wearing fancy jeans, a sparkly top, and 4-inch platform spike heels. I guess once she sits down she’ll be more comfortable?

2. The clown at Target. No, really. Big shoes and a wig and a painted face and everything. She wasn’t smiling, though.

3. The young (very young) couple examining/comparing the various pregnancy tests. I showed tremendous restraint, and didn’t stop to offer recommendations. (Must keep walking. Don’t scare the normal people.) Eh, they wouldn’t understand anyway.

So that was my evening. I also managed to buy a couple of pairs of pants to wear this summer. I had been putting off any sort of clothes shopping as a sort of optimistic frugalism - hopefully, the clothes won’t fit soon so why spend the money? But I have almost nothing to wear, and we have a trip planned with the in-laws in a couple of weeks, and so I went and bought pants. They were on sale, though, so I don’t feel too attached to them.

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  1. I gave in on the clothes front yesterday as well. Too hot here to do anything but buy/wear summery clothes. And having to admit that I'm a size up from last summer, that had to be done too...