Wednesday, July 13, 2005

getting my affairs in order

I have a confession to make. I was having an affair with Hope this cycle. There, now I’ve said it. I was sneaking around with her, trying to keep the news away from you and everyone else. How could I admit that I was having this affair?

It all started innocently enough. I had no interest in Hope. This was a rest cycle, after all. How would I even meet her? And then I had some EWCM and well timed sex and a temp dip and a steady temp rise. And Hope and I had a cup of tea, but it wasn’t anything serious. But that Hope, she just hangs on. And so when I started feeling slightly tender nips, and got just a tiny bit nauseous, and suddenly felt the need to eat every two hours, she was there. Me and Hope, Hope and me. It felt so right.

And then, just as suddenly, it was over. She broke up with me during the fireworks on the 4th of July, causing a total meltdown and a pitiful case of the breakup blues. (And how to explain those hysterics to the in-laws?) Oh sure, she came back a couple of times over the week, but deep down I knew it was over right then. Even before a drop of blood was shed.

What I didn’t know was that J was having an affair with her too. I think they’ve broken up now, but I bet we’ll both take up with her again really soon.


  1. I hope you both can start the affair again really soon because when it's good it's REALLY good, but when it's bad, ah we all know how that one goes.

    I'll be thinking of you.

  2. Hope is such a bitch. I'm sorry she led you on then dumped you.


  3. I am sorry that your affair with Hope came to such an abrupt end. She can be such a bitch sometimes!

  4. Cass, Hope was cheating on you. She was knocking on my door trying to love me up too. I think we should all gang up on her and beat the living crap out of her!!

  5. Don't you just wanna punch hope in the mouth? Those rest cycles play with your mind. I am on a *permanent* rest cycle after our last failed IVF and I live with that bitch hope bout 16 times a year only to end up wanting to beat the crap out of her time after time...if you learn the way to permanently break up with her, share would ya?

  6. Further proof that Hope is just a big slut. Damn her. Damn her. SHe's been batting her eyelashes this way, and I am having none of it. None, I swear!

  7. That was me, by the way, Mare.

  8. I was seeing her last month too, and on much shakier ground than you. Eating every 2 hours? Well, I do that but not out of an urgent need...

    Hope she settles in for the long term soon.