Sunday, July 31, 2005

You take the good, you take the bad...*


1. I got an email from my MIL the other day. All I can say is oh my god, she got it. And she got that she didn’t get it before. And she apologised for a couple of things she said back in the not getting it stage of things. This is so important on so many levels, all of which I'm sure you all understand, so I'll stop there.

2. We had good sex the other night - not about timing or positions or EWCM or temps, just good sex. It’s been a while, y’know?

3. I finally went and got my tattoo today - the one I’d been thinking about for ages now but kept putting off because it was the wrong time in my cycle or schedule or whatever. But now I have it. Very happy about this. Trying not to expect too much from it, although Muddy got a similar tattoo a while back and then promptly got herself knocked up. I’m just sayin...

4. There’s a nest of baby birds right outside our bathroom window - we’ve watched the MamaBird bring bugs (and even a tiny lizard!) back for the babies over the past couple of days. Today the little birds ventured out of the nest for the first time - just to the nearby branches, but it’s only a matter of time before they’re gone. But so cute right now!


1. Not that I wasn’t pretty sure about this before, but this cycle is a definite bust. Femara seems to do nothing for me (though I was also pretty sick through the first part of this cycle, which I’m sure didn’t help).

2. J’s Kruger analysis sucked. (But he’s about to start treatment with an acupuncturist, so maybe things will change for the better, even a bit.)

3. The injection training we’re going to this week is scheduled to be led by Nurse NBM. Though I figure if she doesn’t have a wand up my twat that I’ll like her more. The whole thing is probably pointless, since we’re gearing up to switch clinics, but I want to go through with the training just in case we end up doing one last cycle with the current clinic.

* More good than bad, really, and most of the bad stuff is nothing new. I’m in a strangely good place with things right now - we’re not sitting around doing nothing, we’re researching options. And we’re researching the strongest options we have - no more pussyfooting around dealing with the crappy clinic. It’s time to move on to the experts. In fact, I have a ‘moving on’ kind of question: What questions should I be asking when interviewing new clinics? Or really, what should I be looking for to get a sense of whether the staff is good and whether I’ll get focused treatment or just be another case file? We’re only consulting with a couple of clinics, and we picked them because they have good numbers from the CDC listings, and good recommendations from other medical folks in the area. So I’m sure they’re both fine, medically. What I’m trying to figure out now is how to gauge the little things that can make or break a clinic experience - compassionate staff, prompt attention, comfortable facilities, etc. I’m hopeful that I’ll just be able to tell that the place is a good fit, but I’d love some guidance from those of you that have gone through this already.


  1. I know what you mean about the MIL, and I'm thrilled to bits for you that she finally understands. I hope this is the end of her assvice and insensitivity.

    Some questions I would probably ask would include the typical number of patients who cycle each month; will you have emergency 24x7 access to your doctor; who performs the various wandings and proddings (your doctor, one of many doctors, a nurse, a technician, etc.); and, on a related note, will you be working exclusively with one doctor at the clinic or will they rotate you through, depending on availability.

    Best to you,


  2. Ask about IVF schedules, if there are times when they will and won't let you cycle. Ask about hours, callbacks, if there are certain nurses that handle your type of ART (my clinic has IUI nurses and IVF/FET nurses, so they get to know you) and ask about what pharmacy they use.

    I am glad you are in a good always feels good to be doing something instead of waiting for things to happen.


  3. For me a lot depends on personality. I'd think of those things that you like about your current clinic (if it's one person who answers your phone calls, hours, whatever) as well as a list of things you DON'T like and compare them to the way the new clinics do things.

  4. I really wish I had some good advice. Unfortunately, I've found that a RE can answer all your questions just right and still suck. I've also found that sometimes you get really lucky and find a great clinic. Is there any way for you to talk to people who have gone to those clinics? Maybe go over to your state board on IVFConnections. I've found that talking to people who have actually gone to various clinics has been very helpful. Good luck!

  5. Sorry about this cycle and J's Kruger analysis. Acupuncture is good recourse and so is a regimen of a lot of antioxidants -- your acupuncturist can recommend treatment (The infertility cure by Randine Lewis (even though I don't like the book) has an excellent list of herbs and vitamins to help).

    Wishing you luck.