Tuesday, July 26, 2005


J called and got finally got the clinic to give him his Kruger results on Friday, so I spent the weekend Googling and planning and scheming and stressing. On Monday, I went in for my final ultrasound of this cycle with the nurse I’ve now nicknamed Nurse No Bedside Manner. Nurse NBM prodded me and found me lacking in follicles (despite one VERY tender left ovary yesterday, and some twinges from that general area today - makes me wonder about her technique). This is the first cycle I’ve worked with Nurse NBM, and while I honestly don’t think she’s a bad person (or even a bad nurse), she seems to really be lacking in compassion (in addition to her previously demonstrated lack of humor). She offered no acknowledgemet of the crushing lack of success on Femara, just a quick - “Looks like it will make sense for you to move on to injectables now.” I asked, puzzled, if that really made sense given J’s Kruger results, and she said, “It’s worth a try. We’ve had patients get pregnant from an IUI with results like his - not everyone can afford IVF. ... Of course, who knows if they were having affairs on the side!” I was so stunned I didn’t say anything, though I’ve been making a mental list of comebacks. Foremost among them at the moment is the not-so-snappy observation that perhaps this was her attempt at humor, in which case I again reference the (much greater) need for compassion, above. Instead of a snappy retort, I asked about IVF (which the clinic doesn’t do) and she suggested that I make another appointment with Dr. L to discuss our options. (I’ve already Googled the hell out of the options, but it will be nice to get a second opinion from the professional.

If I cycle again at this clinic (which is a big IF at this point), I WILL NOT be seeing Nurse NBM again.*

*Except if we go for the injection training, since she’s the one who teaches it.


  1. Cass, I am so angry and irritated and fruastrated for you. So very sorry that this cycle didn't work, and that you have to face the next hurdle.

    Much love,

  2. Who knows if they were having affairs on the side? What was she thinking? I hope that there's another clinic in your area.

  3. She sounds like a real piece of work. Sorry about the Femara.

  4. What a terrible wench!

    I am so sorry this cycle didn't work out for you, and I hope that injectables bring you lots better luck! (And besides, you know you wanted to join the cool kids in shooting up, right?)

  5. My injection training lasted about 30 seconds, so hopefully your next encounter with Nurse NBM will be of mercifully short duration.

  6. Geesh! I'd be outta there so fast. It really is amazing how these people can do the work they do and remain completely clueless. I bet she has about 50 pictures of her kids on her desk too.

    Much love to you, Cass - you, me and Cleo may be the only Infertile Heathers left soon! We both need to get this show on the road.

  7. "You're an insipid idiot" is the comeback that comes to mind. What a cow!

    I'm so sorry this cycle didn't work.


  8. The wierd thing about that comment is that it manages to be incredibly offensive, highly insensitive, and completely off topic, all at the same time! Here's hoping you don't have to work with her again - or only for 5 minutes, anyway.

  9. I can't believe that she would say that to you! What a winch! Husband has pretty bad Krueger numbers and my RE still wanted to do 3 Clomid/IUI cycles and 3 injectible/IUI cycles before we even discussed IVF. I was concerned about it too, but he said the other numbers were good so there was a decent chance that medicated IUI would do the trick and if not we will move on to IVF with ICSI. Sorry that the Femera didn't work for you and I hope you have a better response with injects.