Thursday, July 21, 2005

the perils of academia

From an article about actress Danica McKellar (whom I used to love on The Wonder Years):
The academic world, she said, was too isolating and lonely.

Yeah. For me too, I think.

On another note - I think it's really interesting how several of the stars from my childhood and adolescence have found ways to reinvent themselves without completely trashing what they were back then. This thing with Danica McKellar is one. Another is Wil Wheaton's blog. I'm sure there are more. I guess it's just nice to see child stars find their way to non-fucked-up adulthood.

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  1. Danica on why she didn't think of majoring in math:

    "It wasn't like I thought about it and thought, 'No, I can't do that,' " she recalled. "It just never occurred to me."

    THAT is a problem -- but looks like she is going to try to help get more girls into math and science, so that's good!