Friday, April 22, 2005

Gone (Gefilte) Fishing

We’re off for a long weekend at my mother’s for Passover. And my in-laws are flying in. And I think my Dad (who doesn’t usually come to these things) is coming to Passover dinner with his girlfriend (whom I really like). But damn, that’s a lot of parental units all at one time.

Thankfully, my mother has a cable modem, so I should be able to sneak away for some bloggity venting, sanity checks, and the like. (Edited to add - except that her cable modem is down, so I’m using dial-up. Oh the Dark Ages!)

Other random tidbits (Spring cleaning for my brain)

1. I’m thinking of switching to Typepad or someplace. I got really frustrated when Blogger was down a while ago when I really wanted needed some support, and I would have gladly paid $5 to post just the one post. So if it will keep that from happening again, it seems worth the $5 a month it will cost. But I set up a trial account on Typepad and I’m not wowed yet. It’s okay, but I’m not completely convinced. So, to those of you that have made the switch recently - how was the transition? Are you liking Typepad? (I think the other option is to use Moveable Type or Word Press on some other server. Any input on that idea?)

2. We went out to dinner the other night to this place where you grill your own food. The menu included a handy description of how to tell if the meat was done. I read it and started giggling, and even J chuckled a bit. (Because chuckling seems more manly than giggling, I guess.) All very quietly, since I didn’t exactly want to explain to everyone at the table who hadn’t read TCOYF why this was so damn funny.

We suggest the ol’ touch test when grilling steaks and burgers. A rare steak will feel like your cheek, medium rare like your chin, medium like the tip of your nose, and well done like the bottom of your shoe.

Thankfully, my cervix has never felt like the bottom of my shoe.

3. Thank you for the fun comments on the laying/lying. Being with this much family is stressful, and it was really nice to sneak away with my computer and find your comments. Much appreciated, really.


  1. Happy Passover. Have a wonderful time.

    I just made the switch to WordPress and I love it. Callista @ inconceivable (infertility blog) knows a lot about WP and helped me tremendously. I love WP now.

    Amanda at MananaBanana knows a lot about WP also. It is free but you need a server but I think that is rather cheap.

  2. I made the switch recently too. Like you, it took a bit of gettng used to and I wasn't sure it was worth the money- now that I am in Typepad mode, I love it, and I never look back. I think the key is to stop comparing and to settle on what you are using. If you use Blogger, it is free, but you have to put up with unreliable service at times. Also, it is much harder for people to comment. I also think it is better, if you are going to switch, to do it as early in your blogging life as possible- less upheaval all around.

    Good luck with whatever you decide!

  3. I use movable type and like it. DH is a MT guru though, so I'm not sure what I would be looking for if I was left to fend for myself on it. Plus he writes cool plugins for me whenever I want to do something it normally doesn't do.