Thursday, April 21, 2005


I couldn’t figure out what to wear today. What’s the right attire for an IUI? I mean, I don’t have to seduce the nurse to get what I came for, but I don’t want to be all skanky or anything. It’s helpful that I have quite the wardrobe of actual clothes that feel a lot like sweatpants. I wore baggy black pants (with an elastic waist) and a bright pink top. And my black, white, and pink striped socks for fun.

I was a bit nervous going into it, which was exacerbated by what looked like such a small “contribution” from J this morning. (I know the cups are huge, so it always looks small, but I was already really nervous, okay?) So the best part of the day was when the NP said the sperm responded well to the wash and were very motile - I think it was something like 10 million at stage 2 and 3 after the wash. So that was reassuring.

Afterwards, she said to stay lying* down for another 15-20 minutes. So I stayed for 25 (paranoid freak over-achiever that I am), and only got up because I really had to pee. While I lay* there, J entertained me by reading me today’s Dear Abby and Hints from Heloise. And now I’m working from the couch for a bit before acupuncture this afternoon.

So that’s that. And now we wait. And wait. (She said to wait two and a half weeks to test. Two and a half weeks! Who is she kidding?)

*I had to look up the proper word choice here and found the following example about how to distinguish laying from lying. Isn’t it helpful?
When you go to Bermuda for your vacation, you spend your time lying (not laying) on the beach (unless, of course, you are engaged in sexual activity and are, in the vernacular, laying someone on the beach).


  1. My HS English teacher explained that "lying" is something you do on your own and you have to get "laid." She never did live that down...

    I am so glad it went well for you today! I'll join ya in the 2ww, just for kicks.

  2. I can tell you the proper attire for an IUI without a doubt is toe socks. You know the ones like gloves for your feet. Looks like we're in this one together. I have to wait till May 9th to test.

  3. Good luck. Make sure to find a good distraction, maybe getting laid while lying around.

  4. Good luck! I mean it and I ain't lying.


  5. Best of luck with the IUI!

    The whole lying/laying thing made me cringe. When I was little and made the grave error of saying: "I'm going to lay down" or "I was laying on the couch", my dad would look about theatrically and say: "Yeah? I don't see any eggs!"


  6. Hoping your IUI was as successful as your attire sounds fashionable and appropriate for the occassion.

    What a nice DH to stay by your side and read to you.