Wednesday, April 06, 2005

One of those days

Yesterday’s timeline (annotated for your enjoyment because I can’t shut up)

4:00 -- arrive for dildocam appointment (having already stopped to pee so I could just go right in)
4:10 -- time of scheduled appointment
4:40 -- my name was called, quietly, and someone else was taken back instead
4:41 -- mistake realized, I was finally taken back (4:41. See that? It might have been later, but I'm trying to block the memory.)
4:42 -- I was made to pee in a dixie cup
4:50 -- nurse finally arrived for dildocam
4:51 -- pee was thrown away (Apparently, the clueless medical assistant makes everyone pee in a cup no matter the reason for the visit. I find this especially obnoxious in a FERTILITY clinic, don’t you?)
5:00 -- lab closes (important, because I actually do have to take a pg test before the HSG)
5:02 -- make it back to the front desk to schedule follow-up dildocam and injection training class (This is apparently complicated, and requires me to call J to find out what he can move on his schedule because the clinic’s availability is so limited. Calling him requires stepping out of the waiting room, so I can’t discuss with him and the receptionist at the same time.)
5:10 -- appointment is finally scheduled
5:12 -- in line at pharmacy
5:15 -- pharmacy does not have prescription
5:16 -- back at clinic asking for prescription
5:30 -- I finally get the prescription, with the correct medication, dosage, and NAME on it (mine, spelled correctly, finally)
5:30 -- pharmacy closes

[I’ll spare you the play-by-play account of my rush to grab some food, get back to campus, park, and get to my evening class.]

10:45 -- get prescriptions filled at 24-hour pharmacy in hospital (because I can only use in-plan pharmacies, so can’t just go to a normal drugstore) Actually, this was the easiest part of the whole thing. They were polite and effecient and It took them about 15 minutes to fill my prescriptions.

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